Reduced Ogygen Packaging

HACCP and Specialized Processing Methodes

Reduced Oxygen Packaging (ROP)

FDA Food Code 2013 states "Retail processors may be given the same opportunity as federally-regulated establishments to use innovative techniques in the production of safe foods. Retail establishments may apply to the regulatory authority for a variance to use a specific federal food safety performance standard for a product or a process in lieu of compliance with otherwise applicable specifications in the Food Code. However, to show compliance with the federal performance standard, the retail processor must, like a federally inspected establishment, show that processing controls are in place to ensure that the standard is being met. Thus, a request for a variance based on a federal performance standard must be supported by a validated HACCP plan with record keeping and documented verification being made available to the regulatory authority."
We can provide all the training and writing necessary for the planning, implementing and maintaining of the validated written HACCP plan for your establishment. 

Food facilities may engage in the following only pursuant to an HACCP plan that has been approved by the department(CDPH):
(1) Using acidification or water activity to prevent the growth of Clostridium botulinum.
(2) Packaging potentially hazardous food using a reduced-oxygen packaging method as specified in Section 114057.1.

Sous Vide Packaging
Cook-Chill (CC)
Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP)
Controlled Atomsphere Packaging (CAP)
Vacum Packaging

Food facilities may engage in any of the following activities only pursuant to an HACCP plan as specified in Section 114419.1:

(1) Smoking food as a method of food preservation rather than as a method of flavor enhancement.
(2) Curing food.
(3) Using food additives or adding components such as vinegar as a method of food preservation rather than as a method of flavor enhancement, or to render a food so that it is not potentially hazardous.
(4) Operating a molluscan shellfish life support system display tank used to store and display shellfish that are offered for human consumption.
(5) Custom processing animals that are for personal use as food and not for sale or service in a food facility.
(6) Preparing food by another method that is determined by the enforcement agency to require an HACCP plan.