Site Selection

Applications of Food Safety, HACCP, FSMA along the Global Food Supply Chain from Farm to Table , Site Selection,
Geographic Information Science and Software (GIS)

The site selected to grow, process, store, sell and serve plant and animal foods for consumption anywhere on earth has a great impact on food safety. If the land, water and air of the site contains toxic pollutants, the site must be examined for suitability for food production and consumption, either on land or in water. In addition, natural hazards such as flood, fire, earthquake, landslide and other natural hazards of the site also could threaten food safety. Fortunately, geographic information System (GIS) Software and Science are great tools that can be used to protect food from environmental hazards by selecting a proper site for food production, processing and consumption.
We start by defining what is geospatial data.
Geospatial Data
Define Geographic Information Science.
Define Geographic Information Systems.
Explain Geographic Information System Software.
GIS Software
What Global Positioning System is.
Explain Remote Sensing and GIS.
Remote Sensing
What Surveying is.
Define Photogrametry.
What Geodesy is.
How to Use GIS For Food Safety- A Tutorial Book
A GIS Book
How to map foodborne illnesses.
Mapping Illnesses
Food Safety Modernization Act and GIS
Food Safety and GIS