The ServSafe Food Protection Manager Certification

Due to constant efforts by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Department of Agriculture (USDA), the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention(CDC), the U.S. Public Health Services (PHA) and countless state and local agencies and privates organizations, the food in the United States is the safest in the world. However, despite all these efforts, according to the CDC, annually millions get sick due to foodborne illnesses, thousands die and the cost to the country is the billions of dollars.

In preventing foodborne illnesses, food safety directors, managers, and other food safety professionals play a great role by buying food from an approved and reputable supplier that delivers food that has been safe all along the supply chain. In addition, after food is delivered, it is observed that food is safe along the flow of food from receiving, storing, preparing, processing to holding, cooling, reheating and serving. To achieve that, the food safety professionals need the knowledge of food safety principles and personal heigyne.

The National Restaurant Association (Association) ServSafe Food Protection Manager Certification Program, recognized and accepted by more federal, state and local jurisdictions than any other food safety program, provides that knowledge.

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