The Microbiological Environmental Monitoring Program course is designed to meet the USDA HACCP and FDA HACCP and FSMA requirements for environmental pathogens controls. It has also been expanded to cover CORONAVIRUS control program for food processing establishments to meet compliance with CDC and OSHA requirements.

Food Defense

Lesson 1: An Overview of Food Defense Measures
Lesson 2: Vulnerability Assessment Preliminary Steps
Lesson 3: Considering Inherent Characteristics
Lesson 4: Considering an Inside Attacker
Lesson 5: Element 1: Evaluating Potential Public Health In plant
Lesson 6: Element 2: and Element 3: Evaluating Degree of Physical Access to
the Product and Evaluating the Ability of an Attacker to Successfully Contaminate the Product
Lesson 7: Analyzing Results to Identify Actionable Process Steps
Lesson 8: Applying the Hybrid Approach
Appendix 1: IA Rule and Summary
Appendix 2: FDA Key Activity Types (KAT) Report and KAT Descriptions
Appendix 3: Vulnerability Assessment Resources
Appendix 4: Technical Assistant and Resources
Appendix 5: VA Definitions, Acronyms, and other Terms

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