The Microbiological Environmental Monitoring Program course is designed to meet the USDA HACCP and FDA HACCP and FSMA requirements for environmental pathogens controls. It has also been expanded to cover CORONAVIRUS control program for food processing establishments to meet compliance with CDC and OSHA requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a blended course?

A course that is partly self-paced, that is at any time of the day or night you go to the online course offered by FSPCA and continue the course. After this part is completed you would receive a ticket and email that allow you to take the live, online, one day instructor-led course. After both sections are completed, the PCQI certificate will be email to you.

How can I register for section one?

Please go to this site to resister. This is the site by Food Safety Preventive Controls Alliance (FSPCA) that offers the online class.

How do I register for section two?

You must finish the section one in order to be able to register in section 2. Please go to this site to register for section two.

When do I receive my PCQI certificate?

After both sections are completed, the PCQI certificate of completion will be emailed to participants.

What does live, virtual and instruction-led mean?

It means that ZOOM audio-vidio-conferencing app is used to teach the class. As a participant anywhere you can can see the live instructor and the instructor can see you. You also can interact with other participants in the course.

Were can I find to download ZOOM software?

Please go to ZOOM website to get the free version of ZOOM.

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