The Microbiological Environmental Monitoring Program course is designed to meet the USDA HACCP and FDA HACCP and FSMA requirements for environmental pathogens controls. It has also been expanded to cover CORONAVIRUS control program for food processing establishments to meet compliance with CDC and OSHA requirements.

Juice HACCP Coming Soon

This class is based upon the FDA Standard Curriculum for HACCP Juice and the Juice HACCP regulations.
It also covers the overlap between Juice HACCP and FSMA regulations.
(Coming Soon Online)
Upon completion, the International HACCP Alliance certificate will be presented.

Course Agenda:
Day One
– Welcome
– Introduction to the Course and HACCP
– Hazards-Biological, Chemical, and Physical
– Prerequisite Programs and Preliminary Steps
Break Out Session:
– Exercise One, Prerequisite Programs and Preliminary Steps
– Team Presentations and Class Discussion
– Commercial Processing Example: Refrigerated Pasteurized
– Apple Juice.
– Principle 1. Hazard Anaysis
Break Out Session: Exercise Two. Hazard Analysis

Day Two

– Team Presentation and Class Discussion on Exercise Two
– Principle 2. Determine the Critical Control Points
– Principle 3. Establish Critical Limits
– Principle 4. Critical Control Point Monitoring
– Principle 5. Corrective Actions
Break Out Session: Exercise Three. Critical Control Points
– Team Presentations and Class Discussion
– Principle 6. Verification Procedures
– Principle 7. Record-Keeping Procedures
Break Out Session: Exercise Four. The HACCP Plan
– Team Presentations and Class Discussion- The Juice HACCP Regulation
– Sources of Information on Preparing HACCP Plans

– Final Discussion
– Course Evaluation and Examination

This course will be online ( self-paced) and virtual.

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