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Food Defense

Lesson 1: An Overview of Food Defense Measures
Lesson 2: Vulnerability Assessment Preliminary Steps
Lesson 3: Considering Inherent Characteristics
Lesson 4: Considering an Inside Attacker
Lesson 5: Element 1: Evaluating Potential Public Health In plant
Lesson 6: Element 2: and Element 3: Evaluating Degree of Physical Access to
the Product and Evaluating the Ability of an Attacker to Successfully Contaminate the Product
Lesson 7: Analyzing Results to Identify Actionable Process Steps
Lesson 8: Applying the Hybrid Approach
Appendix 1: IA Rule and Summary
Appendix 2: FDA Key Activity Types (KAT) Report and KAT Descriptions
Appendix 3: Vulnerability Assessment Resources
Appendix 4: Technical Assistant and Resources
Appendix 5: VA Definitions, Acronyms, and other Terms

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