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Resource Center. (Under Modification)

Resource Center for HACCP, FSMA and other Food Safety Systems Also COVID-19 and Food Safety

FDA FSMA Preventive Controls for Animal Food Rule – Information Related to PCQI for Animal Food
FDA FSMA Produce Safety Standards Rule – Information Related to Produce Growers
FDA FSMA Foreign Supplier Verification Programs (FSVP) – Information Related to US Food Importers
FDA FSMA Sanitary Transportation of Food – Information related to Sanitary Transportation of Food for Humans and Animals
FDA FSMA Final Rule for Mitigation Strategies to Protect Food Against Intentional Adulteration
FDA FSMA Final Rule on Accredited Third-Party Certification
Microbiological Examination Methods by the US FDA, USDA, APHA, and ISO, AOAC International, ICMSF, and their entities (Including Rapid Testing Methods)
Validation and Verification Resources (The Current Scientific and Technical Understanding) ( HACCP and FSMA)
Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) and Food Safety Plan
Seafood HACCP Rules and Regulations and Seafood HACCP Models
Thermally Processed Low-Acid Foods Packaged in Hermetically Sealed Containers (LACF) , Acidified Foods, the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) and HACCP
FDA Dietary Supplement Rule and Regulations
Smartphones, Sensors, APPs and Food and Feed Safety
National and International Food Safety Organizations and Agencies
Food Safety, Food Hygiene, Personal Hygiene and Personal Health (videos and other sources)
Safety of of Fresh Cut and Raw Fruits and Vegetables and Applicable Regulations
Auditing, Auditors and Standards
Validation of Environmental Pathogen Control Programs (Validation of Efficacy) and Verification of Environmental Monitoring Programs (Verification of Compliance)
Writing Allergen Control Programs under HACCP, FSMA,and other Food Safety Plans
Hurdle Technologies (Chemical, Physical and Biological Methods Used to Control Microorganisms)
The FDA Regulations and HEMP
FDA Foreign Supplier Verification Programs and CORONAVIRUS
FDA Support of Food Industry During COVID-19 Pandemic
Salmonella (USDA FSIS Road to Reducing Salmonella)
The FDA FSMA Food Traceability List